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The IPTV Forum Japan (general corporate judicial person) establishes the following organization to undertake the activities mentioned above:

General Assembly of Members: This consists of all members.
Board of Directors: This consists of Directors Technical Committee: This undertakes specific discussions on the formulation, maintenance, update, publication, etc. of technical specifications.
Steering Commitee: This undertakes discussions on the management of the forum.




Name Group name
Chief Director Hiroshi Esaki The University of Tokyo
Director Seijiro Yasuki TVS REGZA Corporation
Director Keiichirou Miyasato NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Director Shingo Kinoshita Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Director Hiroshi Oba TV Asahi Corporation
Director Jirou Hirono Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Director Yoshinori Matsumoto Sony Group Corporation
Director Takuji Shinmi NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Director Ryouichi Yada TV TOKYO Corporation
Director Syuichirou Abe KDDI Corporation
Director Yousuke Yamane Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd.
Director Noboru Nagao TBS HOLDINGS, INC.
Director Hirofumi Okamoto Sharp Corporation
Director Atsushi Hirota WOWOW Inc.
Director Yoko Kakuda Nippon Television Network Corporation
Auditor Mieko Mio Kioicho Law Office.
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