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Symposium on Web and TV 2012


There are variety of discussions by stakeholders in the world on the next generation television which accomplishes smarter collaboration of Web and TV technologies these days.

And we would like to hold a Symposium on Web and TV to

(1) share perspectives on how to implement next generation television with all the stakeholders all over the world and

(2) discuss actual use case and technology requirements on what the possible next generation television should be like.

This symposium consists of various presentations and panel discussions, and let all the stakeholders of Web and TV, e.g., broadcasters, telecom companies, CE vendors and SNS providers, participate in the discussion to contribute to international standardization of smarter television.

Program Advisory Member

The program advisory members are:

·Yosuke Funahashi - Tomo-Digi

·Masahito Kawamori - NTT

·Olivier Thereaux - BBC


Latest update on standardization

We will briefly report the latest update on the standardization work by the W3C HTML WG and the W3C Web and TV IG which is related to media handling capability of HTML specifications, e.g., HTML5 and HTML.next. Also we will introduce the proposal of IPTV Forum Japan on the possible model of the next generation television.

Demonstration of the latest services

We will show several state-of-the-art demonstrations of the possible collaboration of Web and TV technologies including NHK's Hybridcast prototype developed based on HTML5 technology.

Disaster and the Media

After the terrible earthquake and tsunami last year, various analysis has been added to the information exchange during the disaster and the media itself. We would like to share the result of the analysis and the what has been done so far, and then will see how the next generation television could prevent or reduce the suffer from a disaster.

Premium Content and various media

The situation is changing and there are more and more various IT devices available these days. Also the World Wide Web is becoming the platform of content distribution. So we would like to see what the potential of the next generation premium content could be in the current environment especially from the entertainment viewpoint.

Who should attend
    • Advertising
    • Broadcast and media companies
    • Browser vendors (including embedded browsers)
    • Cable operators
    • Consumer electronics manufacturers
    • Content developers, aggregators and delivery providers
    • Device manufacturers
    • Internet video
    • Middleware developers
    • Network providers and telecommunications companies, especially video service divisions of those companies
    • Service vendors of cloud computing
    • Standardization organizations related to Web and TV
    • Television operators (broadcast, cable, satellite)
    • Video delivery systems
    • VOD operators
    • Academic researchers with an interest in smarter integration of Web technologies, broadcasting and non-PC devices
12th June, 2012
Fuji Television Networks [ access ] [ map ]

* Transportation between the venue and Makuhari would be planned for the attendees from foreign countries.
Social Event
Social event planned for the evening of 12th June.
Suggested hotel
The following hotels are recommended for all participants to stay during the Symposium.

Participants are requested to book your hotel room by contacting directly to the hotel.

Rooms of below three hotels are not blocked for participants of this Symposium, therefore, it is advised that participants from foreign countries are requested to their book hotel rooms as early as possible.

For detailed information, please make a contact with the hotels.

Hotels in Makuhari

1) Hotel New Otani Makuhari

2) APA Hotel Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari

3) Hotel Green Tower Makuhari

Hotels at Daiba Area

1) Hotel Nikko Tokyo

2) Grand Pacific Le Daiba

Symposium Organization

Symposium Organizer


Symposium Registration

The symposium is free of charge.

Notice: Registration has been closed.

Symposium Language
The Symposium will be conducted in Japanese and English via simultaneous translation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


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