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Upon Holding the Symposium on Web and TV 2012

We have witnessed how mobile phone services and industries surrounding them have drastically changed due to the introduction of so-called "smartphones." And the waves are now starting to affect the TV industry as well. What kind of advancement will we see next? How will new services change people's lifestyles?
We wanted to hold the Symposium on Web and TV 2012 as a place for everyone to exchange frank opinions regarding the new future of TV and the web.

IPTV Forum Japan has been making efforts in standardizing the technical specifications to realize services, in which broadcasting and the internet are linked, for TV receivers, etc. in order to proactively incorporate new technologies and changes of viewing styles into TVs as well. We aim for the "linkage between broadcasting and the web," "provision of various applications," and "linkage among devices" through standardization of them. Regarding the new service space created with smart-linkage, we are trying to realize even richer services that utilize the characteristics and advantages of both broadcasting and the web by organically linking programs via broadcasting and contents and services in the web in addition to the usage of applications and contents. We will focus on enabling people to securely and safely enjoy various services at hand while watching TV through the linkage between personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and big screen TVs. We think we can call such next generation TVs as "smart TVs" we should aim for.

IPTV Forum established a new working group in December of last year and has been preparing technical specifications regarding the linkage between broadcasting and the internet. We have recently established the broadcasting-internet linkage specifications and the outline of additional HTML5 browser specifications, so we will present the outline by using this opportunity. Using the experiences and technical development of digital broadcasting and high level IPTV services in Japan we believe it can be expanded to various services to personal devices, etc. as well. We have decided to utilize HTML5 browser environment promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is a private standardization organization for the World Wide Web, as an application platform in order to expand the base for services. We think it is important to establish an ecosystem, in which more players (including third parties) can provide a wide variety of application contents to each others under same rules, in order to realize new services.

We have selected the theme for the Symposium on Web and TV 2012 with such intensions and have structured the symposium with presentations and panel discussions by TV/web specialists and relevant parties. We hope this will be a productive meeting for all of the participants.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for participating in the symposium today.
We would like to thank you and ask for your understanding of background and continued support for our activities.

For the press

IPTV Forum Japan has decided to make a proposition to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for a liaison relationship based on this concepts. W3C and IPTV Forum will make efforts in standardization based on even more thorough understanding of each other's activities and cooperation in the future as standardization organizations. ISO, ITUT, ETCI, and OIPF, etc. currently have liaison relationships with W3C as cordial organizations.

June 12, 2012
IPTV Forum Japan
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