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IPTV Forum is an organization established in 2008. The forum has been successful in consolidating technologies and services, which have been developed separately in the areas of television and communication into a single set of IPTV standards. Our experience in IPTV standardization is applied and shows progress in the connected TV area as Hybridcast.

IPTV Forum has 96 member companies including broadcasters, telecommunication operators, client device manufacturers and software developers. The communication environment is evolving daily, across borders, at global speed. Content, metadata, platforms, devices, and ecosystems, where all interact, will eventually become important.

For these reasons, we support international standardization. While actively taking part in ITU, W3C, the international standardization organization for the World Wide Web, and other standardization activities, we also liaise with HbbTV in Europe and ATSC in the U.S. , which are similarly working on standardization of advanced connected TVs.

We aim to grasp the needs of the users and continue to take part in standardization activity. It is our understanding that collaboration between relevant parties will become more and more important to realize these new services and meeting the expectations of users and service providers.
IPTV Forum is committed to further improvement of its performance.

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